About Us

Whether you're moving
across the state or across
the United States, Sedona
Moving & Storage has been
Arizona's trusted moving
company for over 25 years.

Our courteous and trained
professionals will arrive on
time, pad and blanket all
your possessions, insuring
they arrive safe and sound
with no surprises. Your crew
will move everything in and
put it wherever you like.
Unlike other movers, there
are no hidden costs for
doing this. We even take
apart and put back together
beds. It's these little extras
that set us apart.

The same crew that
packs you moves you in.

You may not know it, but
many of the "Mega" moving
companies have one crew
pack you, someone else
drive your belongings to their
destination and still others
unload you. They may also
combine your belonging with
someone else's, if you have
a similar destination.

At Sedona Moving and Storage
we assign a truck exclusively
for your move and a leadman to
follow your belongings through
the entire moving process.
Usually the same professional
crew that loaded your truck will
also be there to unload you,
so there won't be any surprises.
They will remember small things
you told them, like the arm on
your great grandmother's
rocking chair has a crack and needs to be handled carefully.

This personalized service is just
one of the ways all our people
go the distance to make your move smooth and trouble free.

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Special Services

Have something challenging to move?
We're one of the only Arizona movers with the knowledge and experience to safely move pianos, sculptures and all those things other moving companies change the subject about, when asked.

A few reasons to trust us to do your long distance moving.
The best prices on long distance Free estimates We'll guarantee
to pick-up and deliver on the date promised
We treat your belongings
as if they were our own
Our employees have been with us for years.
They really care
We carry the best insurance in the business,
but you'll rarely need it
We wrap your
belongings to
insure a safe

Once we schedule your move,
we'll guarantee to pick-up and deliver
on the date promised.
You'll be assigned
a truck exclusively for your move.

Everything is loaded
"Tight" to utilize space
in the most efficient